Make the most of this course

The course is organized in a sequence of chapters that will guide you through the process of working with your ideas. It focuses on defining, designing and implementing one. And then loops back to prepare for the next iteration and fit it in into your overall experimenting practice.

While taking the course, I encourage you to explore brand new ideas you may come up with during this work. However if you have a particular set of ideas ready to go, of course, it will be beneficial to start applying the learnings to your specific context.

Many segments of the course invite you to practice and complete applicable exercises. Take time to execute all of them. It will make your progress much more efficient than doing it all just in your head thinking you got it. It's like listening to a personal trainer at the gym without actually doing the proposed physical activities. Only if you put it to practice - you'll be able to benefit from the instructions!

So, let's get PUMPED UP!

Complete and Continue