This course is for the unicorns who can code, at least at a starter level.

Assuming that you are:

  • familiar with the terms like IDE, SDK, Framework & API,
  • comfortable with Object-Oriented programming, protocols, delegation, databases and other founding concepts of programming.
  • you heard of front and back-end development and client-server architecture.
  • you've compiled and debugged some code before, made builds and deployed them to target devices.

We will not be covering specifics of the code, the knowledge is rather necessary to comprehend the concepts of the process.

And, finally, if you are planning on going all the way and submitting apps to the App Store, you must have an active Apple Developer membership. That comes at a fee. You don't have to have it in the beginning of your experimentation, only when you are ready to submit your app for review.

If you are not a developer but you are on your way to becoming one you can use this course as an inspirational guide while acquiring your programming skills.

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