Appward thinking

Welcome to the journey "From an idea to the App Store"! This course is created for developers who are curious to experiment with their ideas. Why should you experiment you may ask? Because it's exciting! Because your work has potential!

Not every app is successful in the App Store - going viral or makes millions. However, you never know what's next in line for success. The only way to find out is to put it out into the world!

I call it Appward Thinking. The definition embodies:

  • the concept of an endless stream of ideas,
  • increasing adoption of technology by the population of the world
  • and, the power of being a developer.

The App Store also offers a strong ground for business opportunities - billions of dollars have been paid to the Apple developers!

This course covers the whole process of bringing your ideas to life. It includes the development elements, however does not focus on the programming aspect of it. For that matter, the course is based on the native iOS development as an example, aiming to publish the apps in the App Store. It offers a large portion of principles and techniques that are applicable and easily transferrable to other development and distribution platforms. On this journey we'll cover a wide range of aspects of the product delivery process from emotional readiness to technical execution. We'll focus on defining and taking through the most effective version of an idea and learn how to iterate and improve it further.

Let's do this!

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